Chestnuts Everywhere! Pear Chestnut Tart and Chestnut Coffee Mille-Feuille

Chestnuts Everywhere! Pear Chestnut Tart and Chestnut Coffee Mille-Feuille

So uh, it’s been two+ years. Didn’t I say I am absolutely terrible at maintaining blogs? It’s a ton of work! Then again, I’ve basically started off every post stating how terrible I am at this and how I promise to be better. Well, no promises this time! I’ll write when I write! 😀

As a quick update of my life in the past two years in list form:

  1. Left my job at Conde Nast. Was truly a fantastic place to work but it really wasn’t for me. I got antsy like I usually do and kept feeling the pull back to the medical field. Though apparently I still have 6 more years to decide if I want to go back. Thanks Hoffmeyer!
  2. Worked as a Clinical Information Manager (CIM) or ER scribe at Monmouth Medical Center. Made my way up the food chain there and became Lead CIM. It’s a fun and easy job that really helps you get into the heads and lives of some ER docs. Honestly, it’ll be exactly what you make of it.
  3. Took the MCAT and applied for medical school while working as a scribe.
  4. Went to Paris amidst interviews and came back with all kinds of goodies like lavender honey and chestnut puree (important later)
  5. Went and got my yoga teacher training down at Yandara. Possibly one of the most inspiring and amazing experiences of my life
  6. Got into several schools (hooray!) and made a tough call between two really great schools with vastly different pros and cons
  7. Went on a last hoorah vacation in Playa Del Carmen
  8. Started school in August, met some great people (still meeting great people actually), made some tough life decisions
  9. Now living with the consequences of my daily decisions! Aren’t we all? 😀

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Heirloom Tomato Salad



Since I am a slowpoke and for some odd reason or another, I really like to post about food once the ingredients are out of season. Take this post as an example! As fall rapidly approaches and yet another summer has come and gone, I present to you the Heirloom Tomato Salad.

I love tomatoes. Simple as that. I love everything that is tomato with the minor exception of ketchup.

I love them enough to eat them whole! And not just the grape/cherry tomatoes. It’s a little weird but I love the feel of eating tomatoes; you know, the slight resistance as you bite into the flesh of the tomato and the gush of  juices that flow into your mouth afterwards. The deliciously sweet flavors with just enough acidity blending in your mouth. And the deep satisfaction of just slurping that last bit of tomato guts so all that remains is the flesh. Oh yeah. I really love tomatoes.

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A Lesson from the 17th Floor Microwaves


It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I told you I wasn’t good at updating blogs, but it’s not because I haven’t thought about the blog at all– you would definitely laugh at the number of posts I’ve started that are all sitting in my drafts section. I had originally planned on a post about yoga during the last week of August to mark my one year anniversary of practicing yoga. Alas, it was not meant to be since I was in Turkey at the time. (I will eventually post about my trips to Turkey and Ireland!)

My year of yoga has made me a better person overall; I just feel better and much more at ease. It also doesn’t hurt that I  leave every class with a bit of a high. I swear the resulting calmness is intoxicating!

This morning I found myself face to face with an unexpected manifestation of a message that my yoga teachers often repeat: “Each day is different; today you may not be able to do something that you could do yesterday and it’s perfectly okay.” All of this came to me in the form of the microwaves here at work. Yes, you read that correctly. The microwaves.

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Stuffed Peppers


Cheesy Stuffed Peppers

The first time I ever had a stuffed pepper was about 2 years ago during my senior year in undergrad. I think it was one of the many culinary experiments Buck and I tried that year. As with most of the experiments that year, I probably somehow got in my head that I really wanted a stuffed pepper without knowing what it really was, so I enlisted Buck to help me make it. Call me a genius but as far as I knew, a stuffed pepper was a pepper with a combination of stuff inside. What stuff?  I had no clue.

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Summer Salad


Super yummy and delcious spinach and fruit salad

Here’s a quickie for you. Somehow summer manages to make me eat healthier. It’s probably because a lot of my favorite fruits are in season all at once-any kind of berry, mangoes, peaches, and avocados . And for me, this means that I have a reason to eat salads (something I don’t care to do any other time of the year). I apologize for the picture in advance, but this post was sort of a spontaneous one and that picture came out of my phone. Anyhow, everyone, meet my lunch for today:  Baby Spinach and Fruit Salad.

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Some Healthy Eats


So I think my blog is kind of misleading, I don’t really eat like this all the time. I’m a bit of a dessert junkie, but I’d probably be at least 1000x closer to a heart attack if I ate the stuff that I post everyday. At heart, I’m still very Asian about my food–sweetness that’s not overbearing (how I like my liquid beverages) and lots of flavor (everything else). I like healthy foods too! I thought I’d share some of the healthier things that I’ve made as of late in my version of a lazy post.

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Russian Imperial Stout Bacon Brownies


So picture this: it’s St. Patrick’s Day and about a week or so after a friend’s birthday. What could you possibly make to capture the spirit of these two celebrations? First, you think of the Irish and that leads to beer… naturally Guinness, which then leads to Guinness brownies. Perfectly Irish. Then you think about this fantastic Vosges Mo’s Chocolate Bar that you’ve had before. The crunchy bacon bits make you think back to your friend, with whom you’ve shared multiple conversations about bacon products. A light bulb goes off. Bacon and Guinness brownies. But then you remember there are stouts that are more interesting than Guinness and you end up with Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Bacon Brownies. What a mouthful to say but mmmm doesn’t that sound delicious? Bacon. Beer. Chocolate.

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